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How do you define Integrity at Workplace?

We are often tempted by a not-so-appropriate step or sometimes even a wrong step. Although we realize that we may have chosen the wrong path, yet what we do not realize early is the compromise we made with ourselves, especially our values. Knowingly or unknowingly, we do have some values, that we believe in, we do have the integrity to abide by. And more than others, we ourselves misinterpret it, especially in our Office Life. Integrity is simply honesty to self and then honesty to all our actions in public view.

Example of Integrity in Workplace

"To advance in his career, Arjun leaves Company X and joins Company Y in a higher position. He seems very energetic and enthusiastic to increase the sales of the new Company.

In the first-ever meeting, rather than discussing the strategies to increase the sales of the new company as per its product line, Arjun talks about all the clients he knows in the previous Company and how he can pull those clients.

The sales of the new company Y could increase after pulling those clients. But does this behavior of Arjun displays his values? "

Even though this is very common for employees to reveal the information of the previous company, it shows a lack of integrity. Further, the new company might take the data you give, but will definitely not have positive vibes for you. Because, if you could do the same once you leave this Company Y and join some other Company Z in the future, becoming a threat.

What affects our Integrity?

An inconsistency in the actions affects our rapport a lot. Thus, even small white lies; Not abiding by our words, where our actions differ from our words; taking a right stand even when the majority is not doing correct, all are responsible for showing lack of integrity and concern.

Our experience in a company lets us gain a lot of technical as well as non-technical knowledge, which we take forward in our respective careers. Since we agree to the terms that sometimes do not allow us to reveal certain intellectual properties of that company, we do not heed that contract too much. This is also a good example of being dishonest with ourselves, which will display our lack of integrity.

We as employees are entitled to take the knowledge gained in the company and build it further as per the aspirations and requirements of the new company. But revealing clients' names or trade secrets of a company, means you are revealing confidential data meaning a breach of your agreement with the previous company.

Trade Secrets and Knowledge may not be differentiated much, still, we can draw some lines as per the work we do; and maintain Integrity based on that. What do you say?

How can you Preserve Your Integrity?

  • We all want to be a strong person by heart and mind. Little do we know the actual purpose for the same. For the public eye, we could be not crying for little things, or maybe not react too much in a difficult situation but actually, we cannot avoid the responsibility of a problem. And doing the right thing to self, to be honest with self and everyone is the only way you can preserve your integrity.

  • Even if we are weak in certain aspects of our work, communication, or general qualities, accepting them and working on them honestly is the true display of one’s integrity

  • Here, being assertive, mostly meaning being firm on our words and actions, without being aggressive is another helpful way.

  • Further, do not make promises you can’t keep

  • In times of fear and chaos, we often make a few inaccurate choices or take risks at a fluke, which is not a very practical way to make a decision.

  • Know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and don’t look for approval for your decisions

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