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How to deal with negativity in corporates?

Story: Pragya Patel, QC Analyst

The cropping negativity in corporates cannot be helped, they say. You need to learn to stay happy and positive on your own.

Well, that is true for all our life situations.

Similarly in corporates, every now and then, we feel very negative- the feedbacks, the politics; the lack of support, sometimes a very small sarcasm can hit us. And a pile up generally leads to an outburst, that is when we become extremely pessimistic, sometimes self-critical too, the consequence being retaliation, tit for tat mindset, resignation becoming the last option. With time we realize we are also a part of such unpleasant situations, sometimes even wind up being the creator of such politics. So, is it only in the corporate offices? The answer is no. It is almost everywhere. My brother, who is a bank employee, faces some similar situations, only the intensity and the playground differs. So, who should take the onus? Is it the environment or us? It is very rhetorical and basic that we all are different in terms of choices, values, ethics, priorities, goals, and whatnot. And hence, we all do not like the same thing at once.

So, this is a common outcome.

Yet, we fail to recall this simple logic and do not apply where it should be. And when things don’t turn out the way we want, everything suddenly just becomes about ourselves, and how we were wronged. The result is evidently going to be dissent. But that is not what we expect ourselves to be, do we?

A difference from the ideal circumstance, especially the negative ones should not be encouraged. And we should never let them become something we are not.

In retrospect, even while we are thinking negative, should we not focus on how we can avoid such things from recurrence? So, all the overthinking and negative thinking does not have to go in vain.

What I could learn was we can do all the overthinking, in fact even about the negativity but our aim should be to negate them!

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