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Be goal focused, but respect your values

As you see, being goal-focused is one of the most important traits for one’s success. We give up a lot of our personal time and efforts to get what we really really want. And definitely, we want to be happy in and out. But, what if you are too obsessed with it? Is it good for you?

Through that specific vision towards your goals, you can achieve in a specific amount of time. That serves as a lighthouse for achieving your objectives in life. You may have a single or multiple goals leading to an ultimate one. All these ways guide you to plan out your resources, learn new things, and execute wisely to overcome the obstacles encountered in the process.

Have you thought that if you are obsessed with your goals, you may not focus on other essential aspects, especially related to your ethics and morals, and not to forget, your real happiness and satisfaction for you?

While achieving your goals, A) Are you compromising on your values or ethics; are being lawful? B) Are you giving importance to the process to be followed?C) Are you giving value to others involved in the process? D) Are you impacting the environment?

Many times, we become obsessed with our goals that we neglect all other aspects, especially when the result part slows down. Let us see some cases

A) We may be compromising on our values assuming that compromising our core values is fine. Also, we may implement unlawful practices to expedite our goals or make our life easier

B) We may not follow a good approach in achieving the values. The product we make may become inferior, or we may skip some of the important steps.

C) We may not bother if we are negatively affecting our colleagues, sometimes, we grow by suppressing others too

D) We may be exploiting the environment, and misusing the natural resources

Overall, we prioritize goals so strongly that we don’t understand that achieving a goal is of no use without balancing other aspects that are important to us and people related. We might achieve goals but left with no other aspect. All your dear ones are no more with you, to enjoy your achievement and be a part of this happiness, due to which you may not feel the true happiness of your success. So, choose what you want to be and how. Your aim may be right and good but your path should not compromise your learned values.

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