Salary Increments- How much hike should I ask?

Fresher or experienced- we are always thinking ahead for how much hike should we ask or how to negotiate the salary. Staying or Switching jobs and getting a promotion is everyone's confusion, especially during the appraisal period. We all work hard to do more and get more as the salary increment. As an employer, it is also important to give the employees the appraisal they deserve for their hard work and time devoted to the organization. Employees themselves try to contribute more and more and manage among their colleagues/ contestants to get better. But sometimes, over a period of time, the process gets off balance despite healthy competition. Doesn’t it?

Remember, there is a delicate way to ask for the hike. Don't be in too much hurry- your work must have spoken for yourself and you need to have proper support/ evidence of your contributions.

Salary Hike Pattern:

Simply putting down papers and waiting for the current company to retain you with better pay;

Switching to a new company with a raise and/ or promotion.