Success Mantra - Are you Upscaling Yourself or Putting others down?

Corporate performances are similar to a race. The extent of competition varies in every office. A typical Rat-race approach for success/ winning includes downgrading others, that is, to not help your peers or to create hindrances in their growth. But a righteous way would be to not be affected by other's success and keep moving on your own path. Yet, the former remains the success mantra of many.

Different Office Scenarios:

If we look at a start-up that expands exponentially, it requires people at various levels of management and can accommodate many of the existing employees. So, exceptional performers are duly rewarded. Many times average performers are also given good promotions, due to the increased demand. However, in an MNC, the scenario is very different. Our quest to reach higher positions is difficult and also very competitive. You need to perform exceptionally and showcase talent at the right time. Moreover, it also depends on the opportunities available at that time. All this complicates our expectations to move to higher positions.