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Success Mantra - Are you Upscaling Yourself or Putting others down?

Corporate performances are similar to a race. The extent of competition varies in every office. A typical Rat-race approach for success/ winning includes downgrading others, that is, to not help your peers or to create hindrances in their growth. But a righteous way would be to not be affected by other's success and keep moving on your own path. Yet, the former remains the success mantra of many.

Different Office Scenarios:

If we look at a start-up that expands exponentially, it requires people at various levels of management and can accommodate many of the existing employees. So, exceptional performers are duly rewarded. Many times average performers are also given good promotions, due to the increased demand. However, in an MNC, the scenario is very different. Our quest to reach higher positions is difficult and also very competitive. You need to perform exceptionally and showcase talent at the right time. Moreover, it also depends on the opportunities available at that time. All this complicates our expectations to move to higher positions.

What makes us put others down?

As the competition rises, everyone finds their own way to create an impression that they are capable enough to take a new position. The first approach is straight forward. You work hard, make sure you acquire all the attributes required for the new position, place yourself well by exhibiting your talent in front of the right people, and wait for the opportunity.

The second is a little complex. You understand that there are other people more talented and eligible than you. You are not able to upscale your talent for a variety of reasons. So, what is the option left? Either lose expectations or drag other people below you. Peer pressure, huge expectations on our career prospects, and many other factors do not let us accept our inability to take up new positions. As a result, we tend to downgrade the performances of other eligible candidates, induce politics, and make sure that we are proven to be better candidates. We become restless and keep trying until we get the position.

But, Do you have to Put Others Down to Raise yourself?

So, finally what after getting a new position? We might be happy and motivated too, but it is going to be temporary. Many times, you have to work with these candidates after getting promoted.

  • In the first place, you don’t have the right talent to perform your duties effectively and now, you have lost the support of others who could have made your life easy. Overall, in spite of getting what you wanted, you end being a failure or at least face a lot of repercussions.

  • In a way, these incidents are known to everyone. Peer pressure, self-pride, and our career expectations make us lose the conscience leading to erratic behavior. Beware of it! Instead utilize that energy to upscale your talent, which is permanent.

  • It is not a big deal if a peer of you gets promoted first. Everyone’s life is different and everyone’s ambitions are different. Understand your own talent, make sure you are learning at your own pace and not perturbed by external pressure. Acquire the right attributes and perform your duties to perfection. It is better to be a bit slow and perfect, rather than being fast and inaccurate.

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