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The need for Competition and Why Not?

There is no denying that this world is full of opportunities. Automation, that is, almost everywhere, the Internet of things in the technology, vaccines, and drugs in human health, psychology in human behaviour and what not has made advancements in leaps and bounces paving way for more and more jobs and leading to newer opportunities. With these advancements, the constant remains- Competition.

So, why the competition prevails in spite of so many opportunities; and is that doing greater good or bad to the human community?

As we all gather, competition is all about competing for resources or opportunities when they become limited. If we look at everything deeply, there are only a fraction of people are those who create opportunities, lead ways to expand them, and make sure a clear path is defined for new ones; then the next set of people, the minority ones, who are able to comprehend these new opportunities quickly and adapt to fit into those roles and rise quickly.

Till now, more than about competition, it is about the attempt to succeed and to survive in that environment. If they succeed, they are on the top; else, they crash.

Now enters the competition for all these successful outcomes. Right after it is proven that the idea or product is lucrative and beneficial, everyone will try to grab these new options, without even understanding the scope of expanding them. The scale-up options, the requirements always do not match with the craze people have and with the quantum of people entering into that segment. As more and more imbalance is created between the demand and supply, competition increases. At that point, the majority of them being mediocre, everyone starts to practice negative tactics to achieve their objectives.

In a company’s context, competition is one of the major factors that decide its growth. If you are able to keep the competition healthy, you can see rich dividends; otherwise, the teams crumble, lose direction, and leads to a dearth of newer opportunities.

A) Make sure the right set of people are employed. Unless individuals’ capabilities match with the company's goals, competition might become awry

B) Keep the goals defined for all the teams, with individual roles defined well, and the growth they can see when the objectives are achieved

C) Create thorough feedback systems maintaining transparency as well as confidentiality to avoid altercations among the employees. Overall, competition is going to take the center-stage in any human resource platform.

D) Make sure the company has good vision, futuristic, and moving ahead expanding opportunities for its own. The more companies grab new opportunities in the market, the more will the employees have.

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