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Be a flagbearer of your talent

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The current corporate scenario is not for the people who only perform well and stay silent. It is very important for people to display their performances and make sure due credit is given to them. Even though corporates have mechanisms to identify true talent, the inability to showcase your talent becomes counter-productive. Simply putting it: be your own brand and be a flag bearer of your talent.

So, it depends on you how you display your talent and reaping benefits. First and foremost, be realistic. Make sure you are able to assess your talent well, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Project your strengths confidently and make sure you are executing your strengths to perfection. Accept your weaknesses, avoid unnecessary arguments in defending your weaknesses, and focus on overcoming the weaknesses.

The Positives-

Learning is constant and should be- At every level, you have to learn something new. Understand the difference between what you know and what you need to learn. As you reach the level of learning, which is sufficient for a certain position or a task, you can confidently display your capabilities. If necessary, explain why advanced learning is not apt at that point in time. For a Junior associate/ Jr Analyst/ Jr Engineer position, if you know how to handle 1-2 freshers, it is sufficient but you don’t have to talk about your managerial skills after you become a team lead. Instead, talk about your ability to handle 1-2 employees and the need to learn more in order to handle big teams.

The Negatives-

There could be a certain section of people who will be after taking credits of others’ work. Be-aware of such candidates – be it a peer, a manager, or a junior. Make sure you give the benefit of the doubt for a few odd instances, but if it is recurring you have to clear the air. Even though everything cannot be recorded on paper, communicate your major ideas in the email, especially if it looks intentional. This will be a savior in case of any conflicts.


You are and only you have to be the flag bearer for your talent; Such an approach and attitude is good for you as well as for your company. After all, it is no good for the company if they reward the wrong persons and giving them responsible positions. Also Read: One thing you should know to Negotiate better

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