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Employee Feedback based on Client's Feedback


Many times I see that managers or management rate an analyst’s performance based on the feedback provided by the client. How appropriate is that?

Let us look at a few instances, where negative feedback was received:

A) Client has shared a request, which was not aligning with the client company’s goals. After the project is completed and reports shared, his colleagues pointed that out. Now, to save himself, the client has said that we have done the work wrong

B) Client has shared a request, for which the results are impossible to achieve. The analysts worked hard, still did not find any result.

C) Client has shared a request which was misunderstood by the Manager. The analysts have worked based on the manager’s inputs, ultimately delivering the wrong output.

In all the above cases, the client must have been unhappy and would have given negative feedback. But if you see, analysts are not at fault. Despite this analysts are given negative ratings by the management or the managers without understanding the reality.

Even though the management and the managers can point out fingers, the lack of understanding will bring in a greater level of dissatisfaction among the analysts. Unless we keep the feedbacks realistic, it is very difficult to give constructive feedback to employees.

The analysts might passively accept the feedback, they cannot proactively work on anything. Further, the subsequent feedbacks, even though genuine, would lose the intent because of the misunderstandings.

How should a Manager's feedback be in this case?

  • Make sure you are able to differentiate the mistakes done by the analyst and the other parties. Highlight only the points related to the analyst, and acknowledge that the other factors were external. If possible, suggest what can be done for these external factors.

  • Understand the analyst’s version too; because communication is lost when there are a lot of channels. Once, you understand everyone properly differentiate the problems arisen from a specific party, and take necessary action

  • Accept your mistakes, if there are any. Ultimately better understanding develops and future plans can be laid out clearly.

Therefore, irrespective of what feedback the client has provided, the assignments of the analyst should form the basis for providing the feedbacks and evaluations.

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