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An Ideal Company Employee Relationship

A lot of things in life could be boiled down to give and take, and to say it a bit more complicatedly, to fulfill each other’s expectations. And even when we understand the concept very well, we often forget it in that very odd, yet most important situation. Now I am not saying that we should rely on expectations. No, never, because that is just a way to look at it.

Let us relate this to our corporate lives.

While every company wants its employees to give the company’s goals a priority over the individual goals, a general observation also says that owning their work is also a good way to take forward one’s own and the company’s goals. Yet understanding the needs, working as per the requirements, and fulfilling what is expected of one’s potential is how things work better in a corporate.

How does this help employees and companies?

Even though Loyalty can be first shown either by employees or by the company, great Companies understand this and take all the necessary steps - show growth, give stability, take care, and draft employee-friendly policies.

Such gestures give employees a feeling of ownership and make them stay loyal and help build long term relations. Leaders, who must have risen from a lower level in the same company, understand in and out of the company and can grow the company better.

Sometimes, maybe this feeling lasts till the honeymoon period of the company. So the scenario also varies. While the employees keep on looking for new jobs, rather than sorting things out; and at the same time, companies want employees from their competitors and other companies. It’s time both the parties understand this and look for other opportunities only when absolutely required. What do you say?

The story of an employee happened in Pre-Covid times

Where Work from home was not an option in her company. "She is going to be relieved in a week’s time. It’s 8 PM at the night. She is still working on something. Her colleague went to her and started chatting." Rahul: “Hey Priya, I came to know that you are leaving next week. What happened?” Priya: “Hi Rahul, Yea, leaving next week. Stuck with some personal issues. Need a break to sort them out”. Rahul: “Oh! Ok. I heard they have given you the 'work from home’ option. They don’t give it to anyone.” Priya: “Yea, Unfortunately, I can’t take it up. Let’s see what happens” Rahul: “Good luck. Anyway, why are you still in office? Aren’t you relieved from your project right?” Priya: “Yea, working on software to automate our project work. It’s the best code I could write before I leave the company” Rahul: “See you. Good Luck!” Some of you might wonder why the company offered a Work from home option to only one person. A few might question why some privilege is given to only a few people. But, whether a company, a boss, or a colleague acknowledges directly, they will understand your worth. A person like Priya, who was giving the best even before leaving the company, becomes indispensable. Companies also go beyond their limit to retain them. It is just that a few things take time, because, end of the day, they have to manage all employees.

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