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Why Managers are always considered wrong?

There is nothing like an ideal manager. And time spent in a corporate says that experience ruins a lot of things as much as it teaches. In fact, managers are always supposed to be “wrong”. This is a common allegation on a basic managerial position, team lead or a similar role player.

Manager, as the name suggests, need to handle a variety of tasks, projects, employees while considering the performance and aspirations of the employees, the goals of the team, the values and restrictions laid by the office management. He needs to balance his own priorities, goals, and ethics too. Above all, he needs to be passionate about his role, empathetic to his colleagues and loyal to the management.

So, with so many responsibilities given to an efficient person, why at all is he considered wrong?

The experiences that one goes through in his or her career are a key player for the resultant personality and management style.

Most of us at a junior position learn a lot from our circumstances and hence feel the need to change the system when we become managers.

There is no doubt that he or she might be adding value to the team technically, but the major problems arise in handling the situations.

As we start managing teams and when we start addressing various issues in the team, we realize that everyone cannot be satisfied with our decisions. We tend to do the best for the majority, even if that is unfavourable to a few. An unwelcoming vibe surrounds some juniors who are not satisfied with your decision. You, as managers, then have to overlook, despite the spreading negativity; where, you had taken a good decision for majority backfired for yourself. A manager tries to be good in all aspects, yet the fact remains satisfying everyone at once is just not possible. That is why, some of us even call our managers inefficient. But think one more time. Have you thought this through?

Even though the negativity is reflected by a minor group of people, the intensity increases as we make more decisions. Moreover, when this group keeps changing with every decision, a common notion indicating the negativity fills in everyone’s mind. In the end, a general consensus driven by this negativity makes everyone feel that the manager is doing wrong, in spite of putting his best efforts.

PS: There would be many inefficient managers. This post mainly highlights the problems associated with efficient managers.

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