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Things A Manager Should Understand

-Story Credit: Anonymous

As a junior, we all have a list of should have/ would have for everyone and at the workplace, the list and the number of persons just keep increasing. In our hard, yet lavish-looking corporate lives, everything is not as it is. A newbie entering the office is generally welcomed warmly, yet as time passes, the feeling gets diluted or often lost.

The most commonly understood issue faced by a junior includes a lack of empathy. And as a junior moves forward in his understanding of work culture, he feels this even more. In our office lives, it is the role of each employee to take care of the culture that we are developing and letting thrive. An expectation by a junior often accompanies from his respective manager, which mostly revolves around understanding what an employee wants and does.

Check and relate Things A Manager Should Understand

1. Weekend Working

This has always been a very controversial topic for all the employees, with Saturday working being the primary issue. There are many defensive points from both the employees and employers, yet the fact remains that the junior employee does want a weekend off after 5 days of hard work.

2. Appreciation

Now, for other issues, the timing may not matter but for appreciation, everyone appreciates "then and there" receiving the appreciation. A lot of times, employees lose trust and don't hesitate to resign when they are not valued. Making them feel valued, and assuring trust is a part of a manager's good qualities as well as encourages employee happiness index.

3. Raise and/ or Promotion

A good raise makes everyone happy. But as a part of appreciation and encouraging the employee, an employee always believes in getting what he deserves. This opportunistic mindset between companies and employees is increasing day-by-day and increasing the craving to think selfishly without understanding the constructive mechanisms for building careers, teams, and companies. Hence, delaying the promotion or raise or both will not solve much of the problem and in fact, can aggravate the distance between manager and employee.

It is the simple things that at first are neglected and then become big enough to point out. A lot of times, due to misunderstandings too, situations aggravate but it is on everyone's part to be empathetic and mature to handle the circumstance.

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