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Does hard work pays off only after you get result?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We may or may not join a company as a fresher, but there is always a thing or two to learn, to improvise ourselves, to expose ourselves to newer things, and in fact stay relevant, especially in a corporate firm. Very few of us are interested in the result of the work that we do. It is obviously good to see our hard work bearing fruits yet it is equally disappointing to see if things don't turn out in our favor.

This is hard to accept the fact since most of us remain unsatisfied if the result is not good. However, we do not ponder on the reality of it.

The hard work, which is your very character trait and define your calibre is constant in your life. So, the expectation of everything good in return is not a good approach to look at it or judge the situation.

Sometimes, you must have worked too hard for the project and yet you remained less than satisfactory to the client. However, your boss must have appreciated you for the efforts and that does count. Don’t you learn a lot of things in the process of working, and you end up learning more than an experienced one?

Sometimes, you are not even appreciated by your managers due to a lot of reasons but know that you will receive your recognition in the due time. Hence, appreciating your own effort should be the trick before anyone else does. This definitely reduces getting validity from others, which in the first place should not be expected.

So, ask yourself- will only results prove your hard work?

You know you did it, you know it will pay, maybe in the form of the good things you learnt, maybe in the form of awards, maybe as rewards, maybe not now, but definitely soon.

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