Lowering Expectations

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Almost every other day you end up asking yourself, “why did I help him in the first place?”. And apparently, with how much ever clean heart we step up to help, we find ourselves trapped; a tussle between our heart and mind. And in a corporate world, where prioritizing yourself is the ultimate fashion of leading life, we find it hard to come to terms with it, especially in the initial part of our career and so we learn to lower our expectations. We are more enthusiasts during that time and overwhelmed with values and concerns, which definitely is hard to let go of. Thus, we try to befriend a lot of people in our office, but don’t end up having them till the longest time, the obvious reasons being the professional boundary and competition. For some time, we also show the confidence of changing the system, but the system is itself too rigid and conservative in its character that we end up being a part of it. Also, the repeated failures of our inputs while making those changes hit us so hard that it becomes too difficult for us to get up with the same zeal.

So, is anything worth that, we ask ourselves? Can we live without expectations or in fact zer