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8 things you can do to stay relevant to your job!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Relevancy- a word that describes the present, the connection, the involvement. The corporate world wants the complete us, to stay updated in order to contribute. And creativity is not the answer. The on-going trends and its applicability in your work are important too. Scouting the market for existing ideas, technologies, communication is as important as scratching your own brain. So, how are you managing to stay relevant?

Trust me, even though I could give out of the box ideas or make great PowerPoint presentations through smart arts yet my boss wants to see its applicability and more importantly its feasibility in the market.

With the rapidity in technology and communication, it has become very requisite for all of us to what they call as "stay updated and connected". The future of each of the present job says you need to be well aware of the on-going, it is like a very need for survival. Who knew a data scientist or even a social media influencer would be such a great way of earning a living? Let us see what you may do to stay linked.

Market awareness is so much important. Every field has a scope of expanding, sometimes even till the level of other domains too. Besides, your company may be lacking in some technicalities that the competitor has. So, always know your market’s whereabouts.

The prophecy has it, that AI is the next conqueror. A sophisticated AI tool may just replace the analysts in the coming years. 80% of the jobs after 10-15 years haven’t been conceptualized yet. Are we prepared for it? Would we be able to adapt to such change so easily, as an analyst, as a manager, as a CEO?

Numerous courses are available on different websites to learn or brush your skills. Courses related to emerging technology, software, soft skills are present everywhere to enhance your skills as wells as to resume.

This is an evergreen requirement of the market in general. To have leadership skills is needed at every level. I hope you are learning to handle people too while you are handling work.

Keen observation is a foremost requirement to analyze as well as to solve problems. The competitors, the changing customer demands, or even the lacunas have a role to play so that you can predict what could be the next trend. A good impression everywhere.

Software tools are to be learnt these days. This is one skill everyone wants to see in the resume. To have knowledge of up to date software, and their applicability is of utmost importance to diversify yourself and prove yourself worthy of the growth.

Having good communication skills is not only good for writing mere emails but to enhance your managerial skills, and for your own presentation skills. Having good communication is in itself a propeller to so many jobs these days in the social media sector and with the advancement of entertainment channels, so much can be anticipated in a few years.

Know your organization, its people, not just in your country but probably everywhere around. The country branches, the reach should be maintained in terms of their ethnicity, their work culture as well as language, if possible. A good chance for you to migrate and learn more.

We are anyway in a time, where everything is available online first and in fact, preferred. It’s a great chance to learn as much as you can, practically anything. Comprehensive growth is what we require.

Staying relevant is a thing, and obligatory to corporates. Do it while you can!

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