Your seniority should not be maintained by Not teaching your Juniors

By default, a senior is considered to be more experienced, knowledgeable, and overall having more capabilities than their junior. As the employees gain more and more work together in the same team, the gap between their talent reduces, as the knowledge gain at a higher level takes more time to acquire. Sometimes, there may not be a gap at all, but the number of years or a degree can keep the employee in the back seat. Also, there are cases where juniors overtake their senior counterparts.

All these circumstances play a major role in defining office politics. As the gap between a junior and a senior reduces, the senior might start becoming insecure in the team setup. Sometimes, the senior may bring a significant difference, but it may not be visible through the quantitative scales used in Corporates. Considering that the senior generally take home more salary, the equal performance or caliber of the senior and junior can become a threat to the senior’s position in the company, unless the senior himself has the required capabilities to move up the ladder. As a result, th