When words are more than actions

Story: Garima, Business Analyst

Having an experience of working at multiple companies, I always see that we are after promotions and appraisals a bit too much. Back in our minds, we always consider this as a factor that impacts a lot of our actions, interaction, and work in the company. As a result, our performance sometimes turns into pretense.

A few years back, a manager had joined our company. He had a brief meeting with all of us on the first day. It was a general interaction for everyone to know the manager.

Starting his introduction, he talked about his experience and what changes he tries to bring in the team. Even though everything looked good, his way of discussion was very funny. At one point, he said that his hobby is to help his team members. Even though every manager helps and guides his team members, this seemed a bit funny at the time, considering the fact that it is one of the duties of him as a manager.