What to do to let Juniors express their problems?

Generally speaking, new employees or juniors are shy and hesitant. They do not readily come up and talk about the issues faced by them with their team or managers. Whosoever the wrongdoer is, the entire team faces the consequences. So, it becomes an additional responsibility for the manager to understand this behavior and take measures to mitigate it.

Most of the time, their problem is not as big. Yet a lot of times, a very small thing creates a ripple effect and hence needs to be tackled well in the initial stages. In case of a technical problem, repeated trials by themselves may cause a delay and impact the work. Whereas, for an experienced junior, a bit of guidance just works fine. But in case of non-technical issues, even though each team member has a role to play but how a team tackles/ manages a problem is mostly in the hands of a manager. Sometimes, better communication skills have a good role in expressing the concerns among others, especially by addressing their direct peers.