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Big Benefits of Small Talk at Work

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Most times it is the first talk, that people remember you for and another important thing is how they took the conversation to the next level. This is where your interactiveness benefits, that is, through the small talk. They say small talk is a polite conversation, which is a requirement of a lot of important discussions and conversations. It is like a starter conversation that gives acceleration in building camaraderie in relationships, be it personal or professional. In a corporate/ professional world, it is a requirement for a number of reasons, and mostly an enhancement in the personality.

With Covid-19 in the picture, a notable reminder of staying connected is also an opportunity to improve upon our communication skills including small talk. So, if you are facing that tight-lipped/ smiled or an awkward silence near the coffee machine or to start a zoom call for the first time with someone, this article is definitely for you.

Irrespective of your position, designation, experience, the benefits of having small talk are numerous. It is also the foremost identity of a candidate with good communication skills and sometimes even your confidence.

Let’s see where all can Small Talk benefit us the most:

Small talk has a similar role in a conversation as that of a starter in a meal. Understood the analogy? Like a starter, it will lead to more interactiveness (like the appetite), that is, stimulates the conversation. In fact, a person with good communication skills breaks the ice in a conversation and also takes it forward smoothly.

  • Good with new employees

With the new employees, it is definitely important to have small talk to make them comfortable with the office environment. As a manager or even as a team player, this activity should be encouraged. As a person, it helps you gain confidence and reflects your team playing skills.

  • Good when dealing with introverts

Building trust and camaraderie are easier through small talk, especially while dealing with introverts. As they require more openness, they expect more closeness before opening up. Thus, connecting with them over a common topic is a good way.

  • Whenever misunderstanding arises

There is no better way to do it than to start with small talk. Sometimes, this is not appreciated in the case of personal relations but professionally, there is no good way to start with. Giving importance to the professional relationship, one must normally start with a conversation, moving towards the actual topic of discussion.

  • Seniors can know their juniors better

As a senior, you should know your juniors, in terms of their personality, so as to utilize their traits well in work. So, a good understanding of their thought process, strengths, and weaknesses can be known when you get beyond the small talk.

  • Understanding the behavioral pattern of each other

Knowing about the behavioral pattern of colleagues helps them build an understanding of each other. It is definitely a rapport booster among each other, helps build trust and comfort.

  • Enhances your communication skills

This is an obvious benefit for us. Breaking the ice in a conversation is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a subtle way to start, to keep up, to maintain relations, and help resolve issues in a strained situation.

  • Effective in Client interaction

Some people beat around the bush for conversing, some come to the point. There is no perfect way, yet a good way is to begin a conversation that is helpful, relevant, and required by the client. Serving client’s interests, sometimes helpful to understand their company better, this gives good leads and customize solutions as per their sentiments.

  • Increases your confidence

Not that you have to start conversations with strangers, but your interaction with the not-so-known ones is definitely going to build-up your curiosity as well as increase the confidence since you broke the ice. Moving further in your career, teamwork and team handling requires you to be able to talk to different kind of personalities.

These conversation starters aka small talk are a great influence in personality enhancement, lead to lasting relationships, and improves communication skills overall.

Can you think of more points??? Drop in the comments below.

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