Give your 100 percent: The Best Advice

It was during the initial days of my career as a Project Manager that I realized the best advice for life to self: give your 100 percent.

Being from a start-up, we have had an unstructured setup, anyone and everyone could be involved in the projects received by our team. The recently received project required core technical skills, and the support team was necessary more than anything, especially for everyone to understand the technicalities from 1-2 team members specialized in that field.

While everyone was already loaded with a project, we received an urgent project from a client, which had to be completed in 5 days. The client being very important to us, the company could not deny the project. After assessing the scope of the project, we estimated that we would need to complete a 30-day project in 5 days. Everyone in the team felt panicky and overwhelmed.