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When your idea is portrayed as your senior's idea

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Story- Shailesh, Team Lead

Recently, I attended a mid-level training program. The training was about management skills. While the trainer was focusing on managing subordinates, he was also focusing on giving tips to co-ordinate with the seniors too. One specific point drew my attention. Even though, I know that the trainer's suggestion work very well, I have doubts about its ethical front. The suggestion - The best way to get support from your senior is to support him to the best when he/she is in need. All is well till this point. What I could not understand is his idea of giving up on your own work, which may look like your senior's work, especially in front of your senior's senior, a report, or in a conference presentation.

I have personally experienced this kind of incident in my life. My manager, in a meeting, showcased my idea without giving much credit to me. The idea was very well received by everyone appreciating my manager. She was obviously overwhelmed with the response. Later on, she started giving more priority to me and encouraged me to come up with new ideas. This did pave way for me to showcase my talent and get the necessary visibility for my growth. But, I am still not sure whether it is ethical or a good move on me and my manager's part? Because, even though I had got benefits from that incident, somewhere in that heat, I feel disappointed for not getting the due credit for the idea.


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