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To-do list is NOT making you Unproductive

- Jigyasa

Aren’t we all already being dragged and taken away too much by the “Digi-world” that the To-do List is now targeted? Your productivity is always in your hands, no matter the circumstances.

When work from home would have been thought for the first time, the concern of productivity must have been the first point. So, why now?

A LinkedIn post, which was against the to-do list persuaded me to write this.

A to-do list is simply a candidate’s way to jot things down, mentioned in his/her tasks. It is a very plain way to check and cross-check the assigned work. In fact, it is a very straightforward way to gain confidence, and stay motivated for the next work.

How to Maintain the To-Do List?

When I say your productivity is in your hands, along with the normal time taken to complete the task, you always tend to decrease that time as your experience increases. So, what does a to-do list have to do with that?

And when it comes to taking the lighter tasks first, if I want to grow, I would definitely choose the time-consuming tasks earlier than others. And it is a corporate world, each task works on the basic client’s urgency.

A few cases may be there when I would have to do prior thorough research to understand and complete a complicated task. So, I can still prioritize accordingly.

The old way should be the gold way!

The introduction of schedulers and reminder apps is only making us their robots of what to and how to follow a certain thing in a certain way. Speaking the tone of others, How would you like to always be bind to complete your work within a fixed time? I mean is this not taking away your freedom of learning by yourself? So that one day, you can predict the length of the task and a senior will not have to ask you to submit the same within one hour.

Moreover, the to-do list will be enough freedom provider for you to be your own boss and plan on how to deal with a crunch situation too. And again, the productivity remains in your hands, you could be a procrastinator or a constructive employee.

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2021

Old is Gold- Absolutely for the To-Do List, Time tracking and task tracking tools are useful for management to assess employees well

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