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Reasons why employees need to be happy

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Profits, sales, customer satisfaction, and innovations are some of the factors companies always address. They take all the measures to quantify them and understand their impact on the company’s growth. One factor that is always underrated, which is employee satisfaction, hence ignoring the need to keep employees happy. Many companies do not address employee satisfaction as it does not seem to have major implications on the company’s growth. But, looking deeper, it has a profound effect on the company’s growth.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to keep employees happy:

1. Happy employees take more responsibilities, work with more dedication. A survey by the World Economic Forum reveals that happiness has a direct correlation with increased Profitability. A happy environment promotes motivation among each other, leading to more overall growth.

2. With greater positivity among all the employees, they will put more effort, leading to more productivity. Research conducted by the University of Oxford saïd Business School indicates that happy employees achieved 13% higher sales than unhappy employees.

3. Happy employees support the company’s cause which plays a major role during crisis conditions. Their knowledge and support, technically as well as morally can be used during a difficult situation.

4. Unhappy employees leave the organization frequently, indirectly leading to revenue losses through tiring hiring and training processes. In fact, the consequences of leaving an organization are multiple too including unnecessary politics

5. Happy employees are always active in solving customer issues, thereby increasing even customer satisfaction greatly.

Overall if you see many companies, employees serving as C or D level executives are people who stayed in the company for many years, sometimes more than 25 years. Such people know the company’s dynamics at a greater level and can deal with all the issues swiftly. So, this C or D level executive must have been a happy employee who stayed for so many years in the company.

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