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Little things matter; sometimes they are invaluable

Gifts and awards are part and parcel of the corporate culture. They are gestures to acknowledge the work done and are an appreciation of the efforts. A simple ‘pat on the back’ also boosts us up a lot and motivates us to deliver even better work in the future.

While companies and colleagues share their gratitude through various means, a few special moments stay in our hearts, forever. This story expresses one such beautiful moment of my life.

I worked at Stellarix Consultancy Services, located in Jaipur, India. It is a KPO dealing in Patent Analytics and Research Support for various R&D, legal, and other strategic departments of companies across the globe. Last year, Stellarix completed 10 years of establishment.

While everyone shares gifts at such moments, Stellarix did something very different. While they appreciated the efforts kept by its valuable employees, they sent a gift to the parents of some of the most valuable employees, one of them considered is me.

Besides the gift, a letter sharing their thoughts about me turned out to be a wonderful gesture from their end. They appreciated my parents for raising me in the best way to inherit the best qualities. I felt it had a very personal touch that helped me understand the importance of qualities acquired by the children through a lot of parents’ sacrifices.

It was more than a special moment for me. Now when I look back, it is not just a proud moment for me and my parents, it is so deeply emotional too since it was the last gift received by my father (who passed away a week later after he got it).

I believe that it is the best gift my father could have received because it was his son's acknowledgment. I am not sure how successful I am, but the feeling in his eyes at that time stays in my heart, even now and forever. To this day, I consider that to be my proudest moment.

I thank Stellarix for giving me such a splendid moment, for which I still am grateful. Small moments like these can give you a memory of a lifetime. A gift such as this is just invaluable. Whether it is a company or an individual, acknowledging little moments can mean a lot.

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