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How to find a sense of purpose at work?

Getting satisfied out of what you do is not very easy to achieve. And when we are putting our nights and days in a task, yet end up insatiable is even harder. Seeing our parents, peers, or mentors, we are often directed and realized how we want to be or what we want to be. That sense does not come at the right time to many of us. And it is really something that has to come naturally to us and hence the reason for its timing.

Sometimes, we make a reason that eventually matches what we actually want, whereas sometimes, the lucky ones already know. All this henceforth contributes to our efforts towards our goals. The sense of purpose at work as well as in life also depends on the same. So, the crux is to identify self, self goals and align with your life circumstances. And when one has still not found, there are definitely solutions to find it.

To start with:

One should know what their needs are in personal life and professional life. Sort them, and try to work on them how you can fulfill and align them with each other in both your personal and professional lives. Make a list or mark your goals, start now.

Observe that your work style, future plans match with your company’s vision. This is important because a company’s course also decides where you will be in the coming years, and maybe during the initial time of your career, you may adjust to some non-availables in the current company, but later on, you need to change it to achieve what you want.

Be around those who have the same thought process- It has been always said to keep yourself surrounded by positive people. For the purpose of your work, you should keep in mind the same, that is, to be able to find people who have the same focus of growth as you. This will help you stay motivated and updated with the ongoing scenarios in your field.

Keep a checkpoint- You must be doing a lot of trials and errors while working towards what you want. And hence it is important to keep a check to know if, whichever risks you are taking are worth it. How valuable your decisions are going to be in the long run.

A lot of us have noble motives too while we are growing for self such as contributing towards society.

While focusing on noble motives, we feel responsible and a lot of moral reasons are fulfilled. If that is the case, ensure that you are working on those too.

It is okay if you don’t figure out your purpose sooner. Give yourself the time, to think, to identify. Pick for yourself a period of time, let's say a week. You need to recognize which time do you feel most on purpose, the specifications of it, like what you are doing at the time, which makes you feel that. Notice them and write them down.
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