How to find a sense of purpose at work?

Getting satisfied out of what you do is not very easy to achieve. And when we are putting our nights and days in a task, yet end up insatiable is even harder. Seeing our parents, peers, or mentors, we are often directed and realized how we want to be or what we want to be. That sense does not come at the right time to many of us. And it is really something that has to come naturally to us and hence the reason for its timing.

Sometimes, we make a reason that eventually matches what we actually want, whereas sometimes, the lucky ones already know. All this henceforth contributes to our efforts towards our goals. The sense of purpose at work as well as in life also depends on the same. So, the crux is to identify self, self goals and align with your life circumstances. And when one has still not found, there are definitely solutions to find it.