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How Important competencies are in a company?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The core competencies in a job include:

  • Supervising Others

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • Manage Performance

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Team Building

  • Delegation

  • Change Agent

  • Coaching

  • Problem Solving

  • Motivating Others

As attractive as it sounds to work in a corporate firm, "the white-collar job", surviving here is not everyone's cup of tea. And not everyone possesses all the qualities to be here. In fact, monetary and opportunities kept aside, it is a rare sight that a person seems satisfied with his/ her private job. In fact, the birds-eye view of a typical corporate employee indicates that they are leaned towards dissatisfaction more than satisfaction. This is mostly due to the imbalance of their capabilities and expectations. The tussle between the acknowledgment of the capabilities and the pressure of expectations from others leads to dissatisfaction in themselves.

Effect of Incompetency:

In a general scenario, if a person is constantly involved in work that takes more effort than his capability, he gets worn out soon; and at the same time, if a person is working constantly in an incompetent job, he is demotivated. Similarly, when the management is also unable to determine the abilities of the employee and cannot make use of them properly, it ultimately affects the overall output.

The companies have been facing dramatic shifts every passing year owing to their adaptability to changes in technology, and human behavior. Thus, determining the competency of an employee is all the more important nowadays.

Along with that, there are rising demands of clients and seniors' expectations. Also, the people’s attitude towards learning, facing new challenges, and reaching top designations is changing at a rapid pace. In this scenario, the placement of employees in the right roles is very important.

For eg: let us say a company hired an incompetent manager who is managing a team of 10 members. Even though the team members are able to complete their tasks well; the involvement of the manager in their tasks will have a detrimental effect, further affecting the course of the project. The prominent the role of an incompetent employee, the worse the situation will be in a team. Now imagine the situation of a team which contains several incompetent members. In an alternative world, having overqualified people for different tasks will lead to continued dissatisfaction, which ultimately forces the employees to quit the job. Moreover, overqualified team members working under incompetent members will aggravate things drastically.

So, how to deal with Incompetencies?

To overcome all these issues, companies need to strategize right from setting goals for the companies, hiring the right set of employees, and grooming them to the level required and beyond to further lead the companies to the next level. Otherwise, all that we hear is utter dissatisfaction from everyone. Should employees also acknowledge their skills and maximize their utilization, the effect of incompetency can be minimized.

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