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Don't judge the help offered by others

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Story: Shreya, Market Analyst

Employees have various pre-meditated notions about how we feel about the corporate culture, and how we see our colleagues. As a result of it, seldom these notions overshadow the reality.

So, it must be common for you all, where you tried to help your colleague, still faced flak from them. It is a part and parcel of the corporate world- hard to believe in people, even when they are being good.

I have seen many people cribbing about others in this aspect. In fact, a few colleagues of mine used to blame me for I am trying to take advantage while helping them. In some extreme cases, they thought that I offered help only to reap benefits. Even though I tried to explain to them, after a few instances, I stopped helping them. They realized my nature later; and now, even if they ask for help, I don’t respond very positively.

This is one common false notion that props up during teamwork. Being a team player, we ought to help each other in order to get a synergistic output. Synergy, as the word says, benefits all the parties involved. However, when others offer help to us, we may not always take it positively.

Even though we are benefitted from the other person’s assistance, we, ourselves think that the other person is helping us only to get benefits only for him. Naturally, we tend to think negatively about that person, rather than looking at the bigger picture.

I always suggest everyone give the benefit of the doubt and happily absorb the help offered, rather than talking negatively even after taking the help. In the latter case, we might end up being alone in the long run and will not get any support from others.

So, it may be wrong ‘if someone pretends to help us only to get benefitted’ but it is absolutely fine ‘if someone gets benefitted while helping us’.

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