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Being sensible is actually a curse

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Story: Rahul, Data Analyst

Corporates are but a trap in reality. All my emotions and feelings sometimes take a toll on me, especially when I am handling things all sensibly. I have always tried to make decisions that are best for a given situation and have well-accepted them. But, never has there been a time, when those decisions somehow did not backfire on me. While I always understand my teammates and support them whenever possible, I don’t see that they reciprocate the same with that enthusiasm. When others make mistakes, whether they accept or not, I provide my support and share the work to be rectified. Yet, I don't see the same being reflected when I make mistakes. I am asked to overwork or work over the weekend to compensate for the extra work. Even though I understand the scenario, it disheartens me for the lack of support.

As everyone is too much concerned about money and positions, they always try to protect themselves against the mistakes or any wrongdoings done – be it technical or non-technical. The more a person is weak in their work, the more they try to hide the reality in front of others, especially their seniors. As a result, they come up with illogical reasons, and excuses. And, the more you question the authenticity of the reasons, the more they deviate, in fact, taken as manipulation. Sometimes, it becomes very evident that they are hiding the mistakes and yet they do not accept their mistakes, making it all more difficult to conclude the discussion.

Also, considering, not everything can be proven with facts, all the senseless points can be used to win an argument. Moreover, aggressive behavior and seniority are misused to win the arguments.

Being sensible is a valuable trait in spite of all the ups and downs in life. But in my case, it has been a curse!

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