Being sensible is actually a curse

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Story: Rahul, Data Analyst

Corporates are but a trap in reality. All my emotions and feelings sometimes take a toll on me, especially when I am handling things all sensibly. I have always tried to make decisions that are best for a given situation and have well-accepted them. But, never has there been a time, when those decisions somehow did not backfire on me. While I always understand my teammates and support them whenever possible, I don’t see that they reciprocate the same with that enthusiasm. When others make mistakes, whether they accept or not, I provide my support and share the work to be rectified. Yet, I don't see the same being reflected when I make mistakes. I am asked to overwork or work over the weekend to compensate for the extra work. Even though I understand the scenario, it disheartens me for the lack of support.