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Are you using your Inner Child well?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Adapting a common saying - Everyone is born adventurous, experiences ruin them.

Every kid in this world did the same – they faltered when they started walking but they never stopped because of the failures they came across. It’s a relentless effort of overcoming thousands of failures that led them to walk flawlessly. But how many adults, who belong to the same lot of kids, face so many situations to overcome their failure and ultimately succeeded?? Moreover, did you really listen to your inner child and kept going?

When I read the book – Attitude is Everything, by JEFF Keller, I was so amazed to come across the story of Benjamin Roll, who failed the Bar Examination 13 times and finally passing at the age of 70. At last, he fulfilled his dream of practicing law at the age of 74.

I don’t say that we need to keep attempting everything. But the key is - are we passionate about fulfilling our dreams; are we determined enough to ignore the fear of facing the flack from your colleagues, friends, and relatives and who not; are we good enough to constantly move towards goal with improved self and finally are we ADVENTUROUS??

More than gaining knowledge through books, I try to gain knowledge from people. For many years, I have been trying to understand the underlying reasons for what people say and the pattern of their goal achieving strategy.

A vast majority starts a task with great enthusiasm, from that inner child in us. But, we are always in a hurry to learn everything very soon; and in this journey, we forget to understand the nuances of small things that matter a lot. This definitely takes a toll on our abilities, as after a stage, these petty things play a major role in perfecting the work. Then the declining phase takes over, and our patience is tested. We don’t see the rapid improvement that we anticipated and without giving ourselves sufficient time, we force ourselves to complete the task. The ultimate outcome is evident – FAILURE.

In this busy and ambitious world, we believe (at least a majority feels) that this FAILURE affects our stature and position in society, affects our wealth, and leads to downfall. This is the first step of a person from an ADVENTUROUS MINDSET to a DEFENSIVE MINDSET.

As we keep experiencing these more and more, we become defensive.

So, what shall we do?? Ignore these failures again and again?? Shall we disown society??

The answer is - Calculated risks. Don’t let the adventurous guy in you die. Every time you fall, look for the inner child in you, know what he wanted, and still wants, let him grow and never let him be dull.

Yes, wealth and stature are required in life. If you vie for them, u may or may not get them; but if you are goal-oriented, you will definitely get them.

After every failure, GET UP, let go of the pain, change your strategy but NOT YOUR GOALS. Learn new things - direct and indirect ones - and re-attempt.

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