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I am the best- Arrogance or Confidence?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I am the best. I can do anything. Small yet very powerful motivational words for self.

Considering yourself to be the best is a good thing as it gives you the necessary confidence to present yourself better to the outside world. That helps you be confident while working on a task. But, is that still encouraging if you actually are not the best or capable enough to achieve a target? Shouldn’t there be practicality attached too?

Showing confidence or building the strength yourself, even if you have not accrued an attribute, is good. It gives the necessary motivation for others to teach you while focusing on a new attribute. Further, it helps you to avoid the distractions caused by others.

But if you are not the best, still considering yourself to be the best is not good. Displaying yourself to be the best at that time will show you in the wrong light. It might also take away your learning ability. People who instill this type of mentality often live in the notion of always being the best, even before acquiring knowledge. In this scenario, people will definitely think negative about you, and they may not be ready to support you, which normally they would have, had you been humble.

So, it is equally important for you to indicate the same. The confidence in learning new stuff should not hinder you in communicating the level of learning you still require to completely gain knowledge.

After all, staying humble in spite of knowing everything is a virtue of a true talent.

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