Trust and Benefit of Doubt

Breaking one’s trust or getting betrayed is a common affair these days. And we all have been on both sides of the situation. Even though we very much acknowledge that understanding is essential to a relationship, we often forget to do so. And it is only human that we forget it as we are blinded by the emotional toll that we are facing at the time. We, in fact, judge them and assume that they have changed, which may not always the case. So, even when you have judged:

Have you thought enough, especially by fitting into other person's shoes? You want others to trust you - are you truthful? Are you open to trusting them despite the circumstance that concludes otherwise? One of the most important virtues of human relations is TRUST – a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. I believe it is not a big deal to trust others when everything is fine. The true sense of TRUST remains valid especially when things are going wrong. So, do we really trust people when it is required the most? Let us see the factors affecting two humans in the TRUST building: