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Online Interview Tips

With the advent of the COVID crisis, there have been dramatic changes in our lives. Likewise, Corporate companies have brought in major changes in their execution. Start from work from home to online customer interaction, the majority of the practices minimized the need for physical interaction. Even though an online interview is a trend in the last few years, it has reached a new peak in the last few months. So, interviewees need to understand the importance of adapting to these new methods and make sure they are prepared for that.

Here some of the most useful tips to be prepared for the interviews and look confident:
  • Presentation- Other than your outfit, a presentation also includes your confidence of putting yourself in front of the interviewer. Just like physical interviews, your presentation matters just the same in an online interview. So, make sure you are ready with that. If required, have a few mock interviews so that you are camera-ready and be confident to attend online interviews.

  • Professional Attire will always be important. And those formals are not meaningful and satisfactory for the fashion but also for the comfort. Even though there is a change in the trend, formal clothing with proper grooming is still a preferred choice. Considering online interviews, many people wear have former clothing on the upper body, but this is a very bad idea. There might be instances were you unintentionally stand during the interviews and you are showing the lower part of the body to the interviewer. So, make sure you are completely formal.

  • Prepare your Tech-stuff- Make sure the internet, camera, mic, and speakers are fully functional. Any disturbance can cause a delay in the interviews. In fact, take care of the light and noise too.

  • Eye Contact, always- Just because it is an online interview, does not mean you can get away with it. Generally, candidates tend to look at the video rather than the camera, which makes the interviewer feel that you are not looking at him. To avoid this, place your camera on top of your computer and then adjust the interviewer’s video screen just below the camera. Your eye contact then matches with the interviewer’s even though you are looking at the video and not the camera.

  • Avoid disturbances- It makes you feel awkward when your cat crashes into the interview or your mom yells at you. Just pick the right spot and lock yourself so that no one disturbs you. Inform your family and friends to avoid disturbance. Further, keep your cell phone silent.

These simple tips will boost your confidence and perform better. If you know any other tips, please comment below. Good luck with your interview.

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