Do you know these Cognitive Strategies used in Corporates?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Team handling is unique for each one of us in a corporate. While each individual is different in their thinking, there are some patterns that all of us generally fall into, and that define common personalities. So, understanding these common personalities help us to assess our own behavior and also others’. Based on our personality we think in a specific way and prepare ourselves in handling the situations and opportunities. These strategies that we follow to prepare ourselves for these situations, handle our work, and opportunities are called Cognitive Strategies.

‘Strategic Optimism’ and ‘Defensive Pessimism’ are the most common types of Cognitive Strategies adopted for handling a team. First of all, what are they?

Strategic Optimism: It is strategic thinking involving setting high expectations and thinking only about the best outcome, without paying attention to negative results and the obstacles that come along the way.