Experienced employees or freshers- Who are easy to manage?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"On the face of it, it seems quite obvious that experience team members already know a lot of stuff and completes the tasks with minimum supervision, whereas freshers require a lot of guidance and need to be spoon-fed in each and every aspect; overall, giving a glimpse that it is easy to manage experienced employees. But, when you look deep into any corporate setup, it is quite opposite. Even though freshers have knowledge about the latest technologies, they do not have work experience and take time to understand the nuances of different projects, the company’s work culture, thereby requiring a lot of training. Except for a few new employees, the majority of them would take their own time to adapt to the new work leading to the repetition of work, causing strain to their seniors. But, all this while they themselves understand their shortcomings and listen to the instructions of their senior. Barring some exceptions, the majority of this cadre follows the instructions from their seniors, be it right or wrong, simply leaving only one burden on seniors - giving more instructions, sometimes even repeatedly.