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Emotional Intelligence requires patience more than anything

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

No matter how good or bad the situation is, patience has been the key handler. In this imperfect world, even emotionally intelligent people, who are considered too perfect to understand, interpret, and respond, patience is the key influencer in their decisions and actions. And when you are a part of corporate life, situations are no cakewalk.

Patience is in fact supposed to be an important attribute of an emotionally intelligent person as that becomes imperative while there are instances of overlooking certain matters and handling situations maturely. That is the actual time when you have to decide what to choose and what to ignore, the priorities, the on-the-feet thinking.

These situations generally turn into a blame game situation, where there are many hard decisions to be taken. Thorough thinking is involved here.

In many cases, more than who is right or wrong, it's "what is apt" that holds more importance; that helps take appropriate decisions. Sometimes, we also need to consider, "what could be the best solution".

Coming to the corporate situation - In a team, the 'Who' part is given more importance, leading to egoistic clashes and misunderstandings in the work network. All this makes the situation more complex.

Provided everyone thinks about the solution, it becomes very easy in finding it. However, everyone focuses more on their personal interests, which may or may not align with the solutions. The more the misalignment, the more a team member shows resistance. Their own logic, added with a stubborn approach might make it difficult to conclude a meaningful solution. However, being an emotionally intelligent person, I believe patience is the only solution here as you could be dealing with the less matured ones, who may be fighting to win the argument rather than looking for solutions.

Hence, give a little time till your team members become matured enough to understand and turn their focus on the best solutions rather than getting involved in blame games.

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