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Awards and Certificates do not make sense if they are not reflected in Salary hikes and promotions

“You have done a very good job. Keep it up”

“You are ‘Employee of the month’ for this quarter”.

Ever received this feedback multiple times? The twist is when you do not receive a good salary hike and/ or a promotion even after that.

This is a very common scenario employees face in companies. Even though they are eligible for good salary hikes and promotions, it may really not happen to them, and the reasons could be any.

Appreciation emails, monthly/ quarterly awards, or a pat on the back gestures are great ways of appreciating employees. This boosts the employees to be motivated, work with greater enthusiasm, and deliver work effectively. As a result, it is highly recommended for seniors to keep appreciating employees through various means. In fact, appreciation and good work will up the morale of peers too.

So far so good. But the real problem lies in the appraisals. In many instances, persons who have been receiving recognition don’t get good salary hikes and promotions. A few reasons are

A) When politics prevail in the company, a few seniors tend to be biassed towards a section of people who may not be good performers. But to keep the show running, they need employees performing well. A lot of times, seniors use the appreciation emails, monthly awards as bait for getting the job done, whereas the major benefits like salary hikes and promotions are given to their followers.

If the subjectivity involved in the evaluation processes is more, it becomes very easy for the seniors to manipulate.

B) Many times the manager is compelled due to budget constraints too. As a result, the managers do not have sufficient funds to provide good salary hikes to his team members.

To keep the employees motivating, the managers at least ensure giving awards or send appreciation emails to the deserving candidates.

What ever the reason is, the management should not let this happen and risk losing a valuable employee, because the opportunity costs could be quite high. Sometimes, it becomes too late for the management to take proper action, whereas a deserving candidate must have patiently waited for promotion, yet left the company after losing hope.

Here, good and effective feedback plays an important role. The practice of a good assessment is crucial at the manager's level so that employees can be judged well. In fact, it gives them the right confidence in how to move forward for their growth. Also, the managers should also be provided with sufficient funds and amenities to keep the valuable employees happy.

Overall, a good strategy for motivating employees might become a tool for manipulation. Hence, appreciation timing is important too. Beware!

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