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A good office friend???

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

“You are a good friend in front of your friend, are you the same behind too?”

In our office, we tend to become friendly with our colleagues and trust them. Yet that trust is easier to lose too. And all these are too difficult to take up as well as to handle, especially in the workplace.

The way we are treated is how we judge people; this expectation of good treatment is more important in our absence. A lot of times, it is circumstantial that people behave oddly despite being trustworthy. In this pretentious world of corporate, while diplomacy remains a prevalent survival strategy, we all have also been a victim of this.

Believe it or not, these instances are quite controversial and difficult to comprehend, because as much as we try to give the benefit of doubt to the person involved, the actions tell otherwise, and at very late stages, we realize that the circumstances at the time were favorable to “our friend”, due to which such decisions were made. And then we often leave it on time to let things become better.

However, it should be on us too, to have understood all the sides of the coin, the situation before coming to a conclusion. In fact, this approach remains beneficial for us in the long run. In another instance, where there are friendly terms between a junior and a senior, many situations appear as cheating or backbiting. A junior might be in a condition, wherein he cannot say very straight things about a senior to anyone, especially to another senior. With time, when we know each other thoroughly, we tend to know, acknowledge, and accept the weaknesses of each other too. However, in a critical condition, people might have to make decisions based on the benefits for themselves or even for benefitting everyone in the long run which, may or may not be liked by all.

Oftentimes, the friendly terms that a pair already has may get damaged due to a single disturbance, and in the long run, can ruin their professional relationship. So, it is important to have a balance in the relationship- this balance includes not only a friend-colleague relationship but also a balance of your wants in the work.

Otherwise, we all end up being the cheaters or backbiters in each other’s eyes. Isn’t it?

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