8 most common pretentions in corporates

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A few adjectives such as hypocrisy, fakeness, two-faced are generally associated with corporates only. Somehow we all become victims as well as the culprits in this corporate culture. A lot of times, we find ourselves doing what we were running from, especially, qualities like hypocrisy and diplomacy. Sometimes, even nodding is essential just to avoid or calm certain situations; that becomes pretention in an office.

It really is difficult to have a strong head above our neck and act who we really are. The ones who do are in equal trouble because they may not be viewed with a clear mind. Hence, whatever one does, it is always a topic of judgement.

Let us see how even simpler actions and gestures can make you pretentious:

1. Appreciating dumb questions “How nice of you to ask” or “That is a good question”, all these response