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8 most common pretentions in corporates

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A few adjectives such as hypocrisy, fakeness, two-faced are generally associated with corporates only. Somehow we all become victims as well as the culprits in this corporate culture. A lot of times, we find ourselves doing what we were running from, especially, qualities like hypocrisy and diplomacy. Sometimes, even nodding is essential just to avoid or calm certain situations; that becomes pretention in an office.

It really is difficult to have a strong head above our neck and act who we really are. The ones who do are in equal trouble because they may not be viewed with a clear mind. Hence, whatever one does, it is always a topic of judgement.

Let us see how even simpler actions and gestures can make you pretentious:

1. Appreciating dumb questions “How nice of you to ask” or “That is a good question”, all these responses are not always indicative of good questions. This is one most common answer to cover dumb situations. Been there?

2. Congratulating on good feedback publically

Public appreciation is definitely a positive indication when it comes from a colleague or manager. But, a lot of times, this is done to compensate for previous bad experiences with each other.

3. Caring

Now, this may sound hurtful. But a lot of times, we all just pretend to care. It is not new to realize that everyone is here for their living, and that being at priority, what is happening to others is always secondary. Some genuinely try to help, but given the trend of us becoming trapped in a difficult situation or office politics, we try to avoid such situations.

4. Being a Teacher’s pet, Yes Yes

A lot of Yes-Men/ Yes-Women exist everywhere. This is a pretention that we learn probably since our school days; and the sad fact is it works, it really works well in corporates. After all, who does not like appreciation!

5. Team Playing, is it?

There are people amongst us, in our very offices, who in the name of team work, try to benefit themselves. So, for some time they may try to be nice with the other members but go back to pavilion after their appraisal or promotion.

6. Working extra hours

Staying back for long, especially when project load is lesser has proven to be useful for many. It is a common observation a few months before the appraisal month.

7. Working hard or hardly working?

Some people have this in their personality or communication style too, to be glued to their seats all day long, yet end up with no results. A lot of times, they only keep highlighting the problems in the project, instead of finding out good solutions.

8. Being the Know-it-all

The know-it-all is easy to recognize. With the similar qualities of a teacher’s pet, he or she is quite good at pretending that they knew it, but they forgot at the time of need.

Overall, the genuinity is somewhere and somewhat diluted, but we still try hard to stay on our feet and be good. Isn't it?

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