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Work from Home in 2021? Still?

The current Covid crisis has brought in a lot of changes in corporate culture. While many companies provided ‘work from home’ as an option to many employees, now they consider it as a go-to option.

With no other option left, the companies learned how to manage work while working from home, created good communication channels, and develop robust security for their data.

This has been a very optimistic scenario for companies who have been working across nations with employees all over the globe. It has been saving a lot of resources, including money and time for employees and companies. Even though we are in the nascent stages of this transformation, many companies including some giants are pondering this option.


How prepared are we for the coming year, 2021?

  • Various situations favor this scenario. The current crop of employees prefers to work independently including the work timings;

  • They prefer to work in the odd hours as per their own schedule, of course sticking to the commitments;

  • While micro-managing is a strict no-no, they have been developing abilities to understand the problems and solve them through their own strategies;

  • Further, with the advent of artificial intelligence, a flat hierarchy reduces team dependency. In all these situations, work from home can be easily implemented.

On the contrary, the companies have to come back to the previous methods, in order to improve team interactions. Even though we are working independently, team interactions and team playing are crucial in some tasks. Further, interpersonal skills and communications skills can be developed through interactions only. Video conferences can cover up the issue to an extent, still, direct interactions are way better. Till the time, Virtual reality and augmented reality fully develop and takeover direct interactions, it is good to interact directly at least occasionally.

Overall, Work from home is definitely becoming a go-to option in the future from 2020 onwards. A good balance between ‘work from home’ and ‘work from office’ will be a probable practice.

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