Why do people Micromanage?

“I have been wondering about my manager getting too observant with me. Between and after every task, very subtly, he is lurking around to know the status. Is that micro-management?” Gone are the days where a sub-ordinate tolerated the work enforced on him as per the manager’s wishes. The current workforce likes to have more freedom to innovate, to work as per their terms, and deliver projects. Any deviation from this - you see resignations in no time.

So, what are the reasons for managers to Micromanage?

A) Inability to trust his team members and their ideas B) Inability to ignore the previous mistakes of the sub-ordinates C) Inability to envisage the project prospects D) No proper understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses E) Obsession with his position F) Over-confidence in his own ideas G) Time constraints H) Inability to take risks I) Lack of taking prior training to sub-ordinates

"You see a taunt or a changed tone to point the previous mistake, the incessant nagging to check status, the hurry-worry to move to the next task."