Why do people feel the need to fit in so much?

You have a good salaried job, you are talented in your genre, but are you talented enough to tackle external influence? Even though you have worked hard, showed great talent in turning things around, been a good team player; your senior perception towards you, the office politics play a role in truly converting your efforts into your growth. We all want to stay in a certain zone, lets call it our comfort zones, which prevents us from doing a lot of things.

And we do not bother about things that do not affect us directly. Isn't? This makes us pick up the majority, which will form the mediocrity of the group and hence feel the need to fit in so much.

The Real Situation

The very fact that you are not always working alone has to have some influence over the ongoing situations. In many cases, your passion towards growth is considered negative by many people especially perceived as a way to suppress others’ growth, thereby accumulating a group of people going against you. Initially, you focus on your growth between the work and tackling this negativity, unknowingly becoming a pawn in office politics. As you gain more and more experience, spend more and show m