Why are we demotivated?

As kids, we are always happy; however, as we age, we somehow become more materialistic and lose that essence of happiness.

Similarly, as fresher in the corporate world, we tend to be more open, hopeful about the new learnings, and look forward with optimism. But, as we gain experience, our expectations increase; and when expectations are not met, negatives outweigh the positive aspects and we feel demotivated. Let's see how in our corporate life, we get demotivated:

A) When our performance does not match with the company’s expectations: Even though external factors hinder one’s performance along with internal factors, one fails to understand his own shortcomings and point out only the external factors for his mediocre performance. As time passes, everyone tries to point out other people for affecting the performance, and fail to understand the entire situation. Rather than working on the overall improvement of the team, we spread negativity about each other.

B) Improper feedback: