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Which suits you - A well-managed Corporate or A Startup?

For ages, various work in the society have been designed to cater to the needs of the community at that time; the agglomeration of which defines the overall work required for the existence, enjoyment, and advancement of the human race. Even though, this notion is diluted as time passed; the dignity associated with any work is greater than a non-contributor for society. Even today, a Corporate has various types of roles for its existence - a few more important and a few could be less, but everyone is required. This requirement could be very well balanced by choosing the appropriate candidates for these different roles. In this aspect, one of the major factors influencing the effectiveness is the nature of the candidates designated for these roles.

Corporate Vs Start Up

As a candidate, it is very important for you to understand the outcomes expected from the role offered. In this post, let us consider what makes you a more suitable candidate for a well-established firm against a start-up firm.

Let us look at the structure of a Corporate Office:

As the name says, the majority of aspects are well defined in a well-established firm. Along with good salaries and perks, the presence of abundant resources helps you maintain a work-life balance.

A lot of research must have already been involved in a process and defined to an extent, for which the scope of improvement would be minimum, but definitely not zero.

As the roles are properly defined, it is very clear to understand your work and expected outcomes, paving way for you to plan and execute the work efficiently. You are also trained well to undertake all the tasks well. On the contrary, it makes the role rigid and may not give the flexibility to work out differently and bring in changes.

Also, every work done would be supervised and controlled by seniors, which restricts freedom.

Further, the changes to be brought also need to be approved by a chain of seniors associated with that process, making this harder and slower to bring changes to the already standardized process.

Barring a few exceptions, this is a general template of an employee in big firms. However, it gives you the much-needed job security, and standard appraisals that do not leave you any shock to your planned life.

Coming to the start ups, almost everything is the opposite.

The lack of resources pushes you to work in an unorganized setup with meager salaries.

The role, even though defined, is not executed as per the definitions, leading you to put too much effort to complete the tasks.

Sometimes, you are forced to learn everything on your own. While all these things seem to be daunting, the one who is adaptable and ambitious can grab the opportunity and become successful.

Of course, if the start-up succeeds you grow at a rapid pace, and if the start-up fails, your efforts might be in vain.

Check What Suits You:

You are more suitable for a well-established and steady Corporate Firm if you:

A) Like planned work

B) Like to work on set protocols

C) Are patient in dealing with people, especially while expecting changes in the system or dealing with office politics

D) Have good team playing skills

E) Are satisfied with decent and steady growth

You could be good at Start-ups if you are a person:

A) More ambitious and energetic

B) Not bothered by extra efforts

C) Adaptable to unplanned work

D) Ability to work with fewer resources

E) Self -learning ability

Remember, these are not thumb rules for succeeding in a specific type of company. But, based on your choices and capabilities, choosing the company most apt to you is very important.

Not aligning with the company’s needs would lead to dissatisfaction, ultimately draining your energy. So, be wise to make your career choice !!

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