Decision Fatigue - What is it, Pro Tips to Overcome it

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

From simply choosing what to eat to make investments, our brain is involved twenty-four-seven for regular decision making. And sometimes, in the literal sense our brain sleeps over a decision, that is, we can't think properly to reach a decision after a point. And that is when we say we are going through Decision Fatigue at that time.

Decision fatigue- A situation where there is deterioration in a person’s ability to make decisions wisely and timely after that person is involved in decision making for a long period of time.

A simple example of Decision Fatigue can be illustrated by drawing an analogy: Imagine yourself running for a long period of time. After some time, your body exhausts because of which you cannot run at the same speed. The energy in you must have at least temporarily drained and thus not able to generate enough energy to run at the same speed. Still, if you keep running, your body breaks down.

The same analogy applies to decision making. Decision making is also an exercise for our brain. Exhaustion of which causes Decision Fatigue and the process gets hampered.