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Simple Unique Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Working effectively, giving their hundred percent, is all what one asks for, in their professional life. But for a variety of reasons, we fail to achieve good productivity in our corporate jobs. Many behavioral and work-related aspects affect productivity. Hard work may be important yet smartly using your skills is always a plus for increasing the output and quality. Hence, one should be able to know some tricks to increase productivity in their workplace.

Some other inherent qualities in self that play a role in our work are concentration, better planning and, building a deep understanding. One important quality also includes accommodation and adjustment. A buffer is a must while planning so as to accommodate mistakes and adjust the timeline accordingly, thus maintaining the productivity standards.

Here are some unique 14 tips you can follow to increase your productivity by bringing in some behavioral changes in you.

1. Plan your work

Make sure you are aware of all the tasks to be done. Estimate the time required for all the tasks and plan your work. Here, estimation plays a key role because you should know how much you or your team will take so that an effective desired result is produced.

Also, make sure you are not overplanning, which itself takes a lot of time and effort, leaving no room for any changes in your work execution.

2. Make Proper use of Technology

Updating yourself with the on-going/ trending technology tools including gadgets as well as software applications is important to inculcate the same in your work. In fact, make use of them as much as you can to ease your work. The use of AI and Machine learning becoming dominant is a great example. With this, you can increase your speed as well as expand your horizon.

3. Maintain Consistent Work hours

This is an important way to track your own productivity. Along with scheduling your work, fix your working hours of the day so that an effective calculation can be made. It is also good for your managers to know your level and gradually increase the same.

4. Assertive communication

Assertiveness many times may be misconstrued as arrogance so here the tone should be balanced. Your words and tone should match your determination and not your desperation or ego. So, assertiveness in your communication and keeping all your thoughts in the right tone with the right spirit helps. In the long run, it avoids all the miscommunications and helps you achieve better productivity.

5. Small talk

The benefits of Small talk are many. A small talk with your colleague or fun banter with your junior will help in building rapport and at the same time relieves you from work pressure. Its a better break too yet staying connected with your team members and know their general nature and work style.

6. Take Breaks

Make sure you are taking breaks intermittently. For those who don’t have a habit, take forced breaks. One break will not help you in the long run. Even though you are working continuously, breaks help free your brain from the work stress for a bit and let's gather the much-needed energy to last for more time.

In fact, you can utilize the break time for a snack or to drink water, making it healthy too.

7. Training

It is important for the employee as well as for the management to identify the improvements needed in the team. Thus, the need for training in various aspects should be taken care of.

From simple team-workmanship to technical requirements, one should know, ask, and implement the needs.

8. Balanced Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a pre-requisite in any profile. But understand the limits of the work allotted and their complexities. Be careful to anticipate the problems associated and inform well before in hand. This helps in planning your work properly and meet deadlines.

9. Clarity in team meetings

The majority of the productivity issues occur through misunderstandings occurring in team discussions. Once the requirements and the strategies are clear across all the ch.annels, execution becomes very clear. Even though overlooked, optimized and clear discussions become very important in improving productivity.

10. Deadlines

It is a trend in any company to work till the last moment, if not asking for extra time to complete the tasks. The project once broken into tasks, each task needs to have a deadline and everyone should plan their part as per the commitments. This will avoid the effect of one task on the subsequent ones. This is by far the best way to increase productivity including the part of quality.

11. Offer Support and Set Realistic Goals

Many times, a manager does not set realistic targets, owing to crunch deadlines or not clearly estimating the strengths and weaknesses of employees. Thus, a proper SWOT is also important so that deadlines and hence work can be properly organized leading to effective results.

An employee should keep a check here about their strengths and weaknesses to determine their efficiency, whereas a manager should help the employee with the required opportunity to overcome their weaknesses.

12. Professional talks and discussions

A brief knowledge sharing session or team discussions can be planned in a way to give the much-needed break to our work. A weekly update of your field's trend sharing, a simple conversation on the on-going technology is a helpful break not only to open up your mind to the new things but also a healthy way to work with your team.

13. Gazing at the Sun

While we peep into the computer screen all day, it is good for the eyes to get some sunlight intermittently. Get hold of a window or move out of the building for some time. You can’t imagine how well your body feels in the Sunlight.

14. Exercises at your seat

Make sure you stretch your body a bit. Also, rolling your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise 3 times each is good and reduces the pressure on the eyes. A one or two-minute eye shut session is also helpful. If you are a work out person, your daily inclusion of half an hour exercise in the morning is too good for keeping you alert all day!

By bringing in these changes, a lot of improvement in your productivity can be achieved. If not others, you can at least work on these aspects and see changes in your productivity and wait for others patiently.

Can you think of any other suggestions? Drop a comment!!

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