Toxic Productivity at work: How to Handle?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Struggling too much or overdoing out of so many reasons and yet left with the guilt of not doing enough- recognize this condition. You may not notice for long that you are ignoring your health and personal relationships- the most common sign of Toxic Productivity. It is an extreme level of workaholism. It might be going unnoticeable that you have been spending all day long on zoom calls, or just working on your tasks and even thinking about them when away from work. In fact, you might feel that your breaks are nothing but inactivity, which makes you question your abilities.

Hustling for a long time does lead to an overwhelming gush of work, losing balance from other important tasks of life. In fact, the involvement in the work is so much so that we sometimes overdo everything and are still unsatisfied. This describes the situation of toxic productivity- constantly wanting to do be productive, despite giving that hundred percent.