The negative impact of pointing fingers indirectly

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

"Just after Sushant Singh Rajput - a famous Bollywood actor's death news -, there have been allegations against many Bollywood bigwigs, contending their indirect involvement in Sushant’s decision of his alleged suicide. One further inclusion in that list came as a surprise - Rajeev Masand, a famous film critic. The allegation on Rajeev Masand is about a blind article on a film actor, who is supposedly Sushant, alleging to be a rapist. Even though Rajeev Masand did not point at Sushant in his post, he indirectly referred to him through a series of events that suggested Sushant. It is so well referred that maximum readers guessed Sushant after reading the article.

The point here is, it is not just Rajeev Masand, it is a general strategy followed by everyone in talking about issues they are not completely aware of or for which evidence cannot be proved. Of course, this strategy also forms the basis for the majority of gossips and rumors spreading negativity in one’s environment.

How many times have you seen this in Office environments?

This is how fingers are pointed indirectly, a common practice in offices for a variety of reasons