How to get out of a Work-Rut?

Work Rut Explained: It has to be recognized; Too long of a day with too much hardwork and yet no level of satisfaction. This could also be followed by no motivation for next task or day and eventually losing interest and focus. The recurring schedule and the uninspiring passing months and maybe that little streak in us might want to do it, maybe challenging ourselves but we may not have the right determination at the time. Not being able to excite ourselves too much, when it comes to our professional front, given the option of saying no is reduced.

Yes, some of the things have been turned out to be beneficial to us, such as working from home also meaning working in as much comfort as we want, not to mention, the all-day-pajama-day yet we have also seen the effect on productivity, procrastination due to convenience of opening the laptop literally at any time of the day or night. And then we have ended by saying "more grinding than ever at work from home".

So, when you feel like the work is constant, you need to gear up for a chance to see yourself growing, prospering, professionally as well as personally.