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6 Qualities a Great Team should possess?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

It does take time to make a great team. While looking for qualities to become the best, we want everything to be ideal, which is not possible in a small amount of time. So, while building a team, we need to know a few things that can help us achieve the required output, good teamwork, and hence become a great team.

A great team has chemistry, complementation, and collaboration. It may sound too familiar, yet has some peculiarity for each quality that one needs to know.

What makes a great team

What must a Great Team have?

  1. Inculcate Diversity- Selecting employees from various domains or interests will help you overcome various types of hindrances that may come along the course. In fact, diversity in terms of experience and skillsets is a plus here. Anyway, everyone’s thinking process is different. A manager has a key role here, wherein he can train the juniors in such a way that everyone can handle a variety of responsibilities and can fill in for different situations.

  2. Complementary in skillset- Having an all-rounder is good. But one person cannot be present everywhere, especially during crunch hours. Thus, a team with a variety of skill sets can work well just like having good bowlers, batsmen as well as fielders. This is how we can make a team that is ready to face each type of situation.

  3. Instilling Team spirit- A mutual feeling of companionship and camaraderie is important to be maintained throughout, in order to keep up the overall team morale. Disagreements and rationalized differences may occur within the team or due to external factors. Yet, we all must see that working together, handling, and managing work together leaves us enough motivated to keep a positive work environment so as to get a positive output too.

  4. Promoting Effective Communication- Open and honest discussions are important to feel free, confident and understand each other to work well. Hence, communication must be effective so that employees gel and conflicts can be avoided. In fact, keeping track of the progress becomes easier.

  5. Inculcating constructive discussions- When issues arise, they should not be avoided but should be addressed properly so as to learn and grow better out of them. An actionable influence is important to be received whenever there is mishandling in a situation. The discussions should be improvement suggestive, offering growth and development, also an important component of effective feedback. A team should be formed with an open mind that they appreciate the offered suggestion, which makes the growth for each other smoother.

  6. Having a Driven Leader with clear goals- A leader with clarity of future work, who is able to understand the chemistry of the team members, can guide them with their respective strengths and weaknesses and can use collaborative practices to inculcate engagement among all.

What actually is a Great Team?

A team is not just defined through its leader but also by its members. So, everyone’s contribution counts. Not just the leader, each team member should see that no obstacle or within the team disagreements are resulting in overall positive or constructive output. Know the ideals you look for in the team, try to communicate your vision with everyone, and see how everyone can do their part to bring the change and make everything better.

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