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Is this Mid Life Crisis? Check Signs & Tackle it

Indian minds are wired very differently and taught from the beginning in a different way. For many of us, our responsibilities are dependent on the monetary aspect and so, we compromise on our dreams and join any random job that comes to us. By the time we are released by these liabilities, we must have learned compromising in life. As a result, we shut our brains in taking risks and achieve dreams. Stuck between your dreams and a dissatisfying job, a mid-life crisis comes into your life.

Midlife Crisis is defined as a consistency in the routine, recurring thoughts of inevitable mortality leading to a feeling of unfulfilment possibly due to unfulfilled goals, anxiety, sometimes even regretfulness. This situation, in India generally starts at the age of late 20s or early 30s where we are almost settled with our jobs and families yet not consider ourselves satisfied.

What happens in a mid life crisis? (Signs of Mid Life Crisis)

They say our choices define us. They indeed do and thus we hark back to "why didn't I" or "why couldn't I", making us rethink our choices and their effects. Isn't it?

Before we know it, we are already too tired to act on it and have reduced taking risks because we have already taken so many responsibilities that are on priority. A very common situation faced during mid life crisis is taking up responsibilities which we were not meant to do, especially a job taken up during young just because it was paying you well.

After years we realize that your heart was somewhere else all this time. An unfulfilled goal often acts as a trigger to subsequent other interests in life, which makes us lukewarm towards other smaller goals or risks we were willing to take. And the intense thinking of recalling the not dones begin. And hence the mid-life crisis.

Another situation is where you are in the field that you want but you have not achieved the position that you wanted.

Any solutions out there?

How to Deal with Midlife Crisis?

Dealing with the Midlife Crisis begins with how we can modify our compromises. A bit of an attitude change can do a lot. Even when we are compromised in life due to responsibilities, your attitude and determination can bring a change and may create possibilities to achieve your dreams.

Try these following steps to better your midlife crisis situation:

  1. Understand your dreams and their requirements. Knowing it and understanding the need for it is the first step. So, Use your inner child well

  2. Keep time for fulfilling smaller goals and gradually move towards long-term ones. FOr example, work on your weaknesses to enhance your skills to become proficient for your long term goals

  3. Be supportive to self. Don't underestimate your skills & don't ever be too hard on yourself.

  4. Talk to someone you can rely on. Find someone with whom you can share with. If you can't find someone not trustworthy, seek a professional help.

  5. Look for a job opportunity, either in your current job or a new one, where you can take out some time for learning new things. This could bring in some compromise on your monetary benefits and promotions. (This in no way suggests you compromise on the quality of your current job tasks, but you can avoid slogging for the work in your current job) While you continue your job, start learning things that help you achieve your dream.

  6. Understand how you can monetize through your dreams so that your burdens can be reduced.

  7. Keep saving money from your regular income, so that it helps you manage your responsibilities and use for kickstarting your new venture as soon as possible. It is easier said than done.

  8. But, when we are short of resources, you need to put in those extra efforts. When you are pushed to put a lot of effort into achieving others' dreams, you can push yourself a bit to achieve your own dreams.

Do the extra bit!

Your attitude is everything!

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