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Why should you know your limitations? And How?

"Knowing your limitations is the key to happiness and promises a better growth"

Felt it already, sometimes?

"Ever tried driving a car that has failed brakes?

Do you think there will be a difference in your driving when you know about break failure and when you don’t know about it?

In the former case, you would not drive your car. First, you would repair the problems and then drive it. Even in an emergency, you probably drive the car very slowly and keep yourself away from problems.

Drawing analogy to our behavior, it is important for us to know our limitations too."

How can you Know your Limitations?

To know your limitations is a tough task as it requires us to think, look, and act keeping aside how we appear in front of the world. It also requires you to have an open-eye as well as an open-mind about your mistakes and what you do not know. In fact, your unawareness or lack of awareness is important here than how it is perceived by everyone.

To explain the same, let us consider two categories of people - ‘Those who know that they know’ and ‘those who don’t know that they don’t know’ - think very similarly, nevertheless, the results are poles apart.

While the former category of people is happy succeeding in their lives, the latter category would know about their problems only after it is too late to correct their mistakes and face a lot of failures. The major reason here is due to the lack of assessing the situations, his own performance and adapting to the circumstances.

In addition, some people prefer hiding their weaknesses for various reasons. Even that is not a good idea because it ultimately restricts the support we might get from others. So, don’t shy away to accept your limitations

A few simple steps to follow in order to know your limitations

  1. Recognition- This step refers to the identification of what you have and what you do not have, which is to know thoroughly about your limitations. In a lot of obstacles, one simply needs to acknowledge, so as to act accordingly. You may make a list of your areas of expertise and areas for the scope of improvement, which is the simplest you can do to start working on yourself.

  2. Priorities- This point is mostly related to the above one. As you have made the list, you should know, which one to start first. In fact, if you are working on something for the very first time, you should know, if you can club it with an already average strength of yours to brush up the latter too. Hence, prioritizing where you need improvement first also becomes indispensable after knowing your limitations.

  3. Right Attitude- You may be a hard-working person, but frankly you need to have a strong heart too so that you can know that you are but human and hence have weaknesses. And be ready to explicitly put the same on the table.

  4. The Right Push- Now that you are ready to put yourself out there, you need to find the right encouragement to keep moving, and then your hard work will do the work of perseverance. As you know your plus points, you may start combining them with your weakness to increase productivity, hence overcoming the weakness too. You may also start exploring the new side of you too after overcoming the existing limitation.

  5. Mastering the known as well as the unknown- While on the path of improvement, through the list of your strengths and weaknesses, you may target not just your limitation but also your strengths, so that there is no glitch in your area of expertise and that should not affect your weakness anymore. This way, you actually become the expert and overcome your weakness in an overall manner.

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To Begin is to Succeed, Know Your Limitations

Once you know your limitations, this awareness would help you respond to the situations strategically and improve your chances of success. If required, communicate your problems with your supporters and work collectively to overcome the problems. In the worst case, you can at least avoid those situations and not fall trap of the problems.

Slowly, you can work on your shortcomings and overcome them through learning and training. As you increase your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, you will definitely succeed towards your goals. So, better be slow in your growth than being clueless and fail.

Thanks for Reading. We hope you find the tips and tricks of corporate life useful.

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